Bank Holiday Bullshot

Bullshot cocktail
Ever felt your cocktail could do with a little more beef? Well thankfully there is an answer. This Bank Holiday you could be drinking a Bullshot – a meaty cocktail that all proper carnivores have to try before they die.


Essentially it’s just beef consommé and vodka. A dash of Tabasco and some lemon juice give it some spice and that much needed sharpness. You could add a tiny bit of sherry but the kind chaps at Baxters had already used some in their ‘gourmet’ consommé. Yes it did come in a can, and yes that can came from Londis. Waitrose also offered an own brand consommé which is much cheaper, although it was sold out when I tried to buy some. Homemade beef stock would taste much better although clarity of consommé works well with the drink.


To further fortify the beef factor I decided to freeze some of the consommé in ice cube trays with thin strips of biltong inside the cubes. I’m not sure if the finished product warrants the faff of doing this along with the fallout from the spilled, now frozen consommé all over the freezer, but in was entertaining nonetheless.

Shake all your ingredients together and pour into a glass. I used 75% consommé to 25% vodka although I think this drink could benefit from a smaller glass and a higher amount of vodka.


The finished product? An acquired taste to say the least, it split most of our testers down the middle. Ours turned out very creamy and smooth, with a reassuringly bellicose hit of beef. Interestingly though, everyone enjoyed it much more after a Negroni.


I should add that the creaminess could also have come from the Black Cow Vodka we used, which was made out of pure milk. If you see any I thoroughly recommend you try it.


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