Horseradish Vodka


horseradish vodka

Over the years I have been constantly striving for Bloody Mary perfection. Whilst this epic quest has been beset with many pitfalls and tragic accidents it’s been a pretty enjoyable adventure. My latest idea has been to use infused vodka to really kick start the affair.

The main advantage of using flavoured vodka is eliminating those ugly bits of floating horseradish whilst also imparting a smoky flavour to the tomatoes. I do appreciate that this smoky flavour isn’t to everyone’s taste but I feel it adds a really interesting dimension to the drink, a nuance of roast tomato perhaps.


For one litre of vodka I used:

300g peeled and cubed horseradish

8 chipotles (available online, good grocery shops and from big Tescos. Alternatively you can follow my recipe here)

2 bay leaves

8 peppercorns

This is a relatively quick one and should be ready within a week. I would recommend tasting it as you go along to make sure it doesn’t go too far. Once you feel that the mixture is too spicy to be reasonably palatable, wait and let it sit for another day or two before straining through muslin. This may seem a little masochistic but you need to remember that it’s generally going to be mixed with tomato juice and it should make the addition of Tabasco obsolete.

Once strained you can add back one of the chillis, a bay leaf or a few cubes of horseradish as a decoration/warning.



chipotle vodka


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