Plum Rum Recipe



This stuff really is epic. Unfortunately I haven’t got a picture of the first batch of Plum Rum but you can see a few images of a recent one that I made with a mixture of red and yellow plums.




I started with a big lot of cheap plums from the North End Road. I pricked the plums all over and added a cinnamon stick, two cloves, zests of half an orange and half a lemon, a pinch of whole mace and enough sugar to cover half the plums. After about 10 weeks I strained it and then waited another couple of weeks before it was properly ready.


The end result was fantastic and worryingly easy to drink. I wouldn’t normally leave a cinnamon stick in the finished bottle like this for fear of overpowering the drink but I honestly don’t think this stuff is going to be hanging around long enough to make a difference.

Also just need to say a huge thank you to the talented Tom Zinovieff (  He very kindly took these awesome pictures (on his birthday no less) hopefully you will be seeing some more of him on here over the next few months.

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