Rhubarb Vodka Recipe

As a few of you may know this site has taken a while from conception to launch; many of the articles have sat around for a while and since writing my original piece on rhubarb vodka I now find myself a year later making my third batch.
Rhubarb Vodka

The first batch I made was with the first forced rhubarb of the season; all the stalks were a brilliant red/pink hue which led to a very distinctive coloured vodka that had a very sharp clean taste with very subtle background notes. I added lemon zest, half a cinnamon stick and a few cloves to the normal sugar ratios. The whole bottle had a bright pink glow which really set it apart from all the normal homemade spirits.


The second batch was out of the forced rhubarb season and I had to use the normal greenish coloured rhubarb with a slightly inferior taste. This time I had run out of cinnamon sticks so decided to experiment with star anise instead. I was a little concerned about the colour but hoped the taste would be almost as good as before.


Turns out the star anise was a really, really bad idea. The end result tasted like some bastard had dropped Jäger into the drink. This overpowered all the subtle notes of the original and it ended up a pretty shoddy colour too. Drinkable but not something that would leave a lasting impression, a drink to be downed with friends rather sipped and enjoyed.


Anyway, having made that mistake myself hopefully none of you will have to. I’m currently making up my third batch to the same recipe as the first, fingers crossed. I’ll update this as soon as it’s ready (three months or so).


UPDATE: Pictures from the new batch can be seen amongst the jars of Plum Rum here:


You can also see a few jars on the facebook page, which I highly recommend following!


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