Tom Collins

Tom Collins
This isn’t an original idea; it doesn’t involve any niche techniques or unusual ingredients. It’s just a simple summer cocktail that’s too often over looked. This summer get your gin dose in the form of a Tom Collins.

It’s a very simple cocktail to make and it doesn’t require anything particularly unusual or difficult to source.


Two shots gin

One shot fresh lemon juice

One shot sugar syrup (make your own or just stir in sugar to the drink)

Sparkling water to taste.

Serve in a highball glass with ice, slices of lemon and either a cocktail cherry or a mint sprig.


Every good cocktail needs a great origin story (the more spurious the better) and the Tom Collins is no exception. Allegedly it stems from an American prank in the 1870′s to persuade an antisocial friend to come out for a drink. Friends would tell the hermit in question that a gentleman named Tom Collins had been bad mouthing him in his absence.

The recluse would then go to a particular bar to find Tom Collins; however all he would find were a group of his mates keen on a drinking session. A New York bartender decided that each time a customer came in asking for Tom Collins he would then give the person in question a cocktail which he called the Tom Collins.

You will probably want to adjust the lemon/sugar to taste. If you can try and use sugar in a syrup rather than solids, it makes the drink much smoother and you don’t end up with nasty bits of sugar at the end of your drink.

Oh and if you want some half decent cheap gin then head to Aldi.


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