Foraging…in Vietnam!

Title may be a little misleading, our foraging actually took place in Wales but the canoe trip was Vietnam themed. I do appreciate that many of you reading this in Vietnam will be clueless as to how to forage in your local area and may not find this article useful, so to you I apologise.

Over the summer we had a brilliant little canoe trip where we managed to drink far too much bourbon, blow up oversized bangers and even forage a small amount of veg. We grabbed bags of samphire and two lesser known plants: sea blight and sea purslane. The blight looked very similar to samphire but the purslane appeared more like thick bay leaves but more like a cactus/succulent type flesh.

Left to Right: Sea Purslane, Blight and Samphire

Left to Right: Sea Purslane, Blight and Samphire

I cooked all of them the same way: butter, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. The samphire tasted great as always but the real surprise was the purslane. It has an unusual taste but if I had to draw a comparison it would be closest to spinach but with more flavour and a thicker texture. If you see any growing near you don’t hesitate to pick some, although it is a little time consuming removing each individual leaf from its stem.


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