Three Cornered Leek Pesto




Chances are you have seen Three Cornered Leeks (aka Three Cornered Garlic) growing before, and probably in great abundance. Much like its cousin Wild Garlic (Ramsons) it seems to spread across hedge banks smothering whatever plant preceded it.

I first heard about it from my flatmate Tom who was using it whilst working at a fantastic restaurant called The Shed in Notting Hill ( After a quick google it very quickly dawned on me that this stuff carpeted the hedgerows of Pembrokeshire and Wiltshire and I had never once thought to pick it. Armed with my new knowledge and a bank holiday weekend I set about collecting some of this novel allium.

Within minutes I had pulled over to see great swathes of the stuff, five minutes later I was back in the car with a large basket of the stuff. I nibbled a few bits on the journey home and was surprised that it tasted almost more like chive than the wild garlic taste that I was expecting.

I did a rather basic pesto when I got home with pecorino, pine nuts and olive oil. I decided to also throw in the rather pungent flowers as well although I fear that these may have been slightly over the top and I would be inclined to leave them out next time.


three cornered garlic pesto

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The big question for me was is this stuff better than the normal Wild Garlic that we see everywhere? Personally I didn’t think it was, and considering that it grows in much same areas and at the same time of year I would generally go for Wild Garlic over Three Cornered Leeks. That’s not say I wouldn’t still use it, it’s still a great product and is a very different texture to Wild garlic whilst also having a certain amount of novelty. If you see it make sure you try it!

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