Making a Cold Smoker

A cold smoker is essentially any sort of set up where your product is surrounded by cold smoke for a set period of time.
This could be cardboard box with some smouldering wood dust in the corner, or a temperature/humidity controlled shed with cold smoke pouring in from an external source.

Mine started as a rather simple project although recently I have modified it somewhat. However for the sake of simplicity I’ll start by just showing you the very basic set up that I first used.






I started with two old wine boxes which I stuck together with wood glue. I then removed one of the pannels and attached clasps. After this I drilled two 23mm ventilation holes in the top and the bottom. I used this size as it meant that I could plug the holes with old corks if I wanted to decrease the airflow.





I built the inside shelving using some old fencing that I had and added four rails at the top for hanging space.




Here you can see the smoker in action. I left one thermometer on the outside (left hand dial) and used a probe thermometer inside the smoker to check that my internal temperature was not creeping up too much. By burning very fine wood dust in a cold smoke generator it removes the need to  have your smoke generator in a separate box linked up with piping.

After I have uploaded my bacon article I hope to write a comprehensive article on smoking and making a more advanced smoke box.

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If you are interseted in cold smoking I have already uploaded a few recipes (bacon, salmon, chillis) and intend to upload many more.

You can see more recipes for cold smoking  here:


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