Pulled Pork with Coleslaw

11th June 2013

    American BBQ couldn’t be more different from ours. A typical British BBQ generally consists of cooking meat as quickly as possible. Our climate leads to a mad overexcited rush to cook everything before […]

Charcuterie and Curing

Guanciale recipe

29th May 2013

      I still have no idea how to pronounce this one. Guanciale is essentially a pancetta/bacon type product but created from the jowl. When I was told that it tastes twice as strong […]


Three Cornered Leek Pesto

28th May 2013

      Chances are you have seen Three Cornered Leeks (aka Three Cornered Garlic) growing before, and probably in great abundance. Much like its cousin Wild Garlic (Ramsons) it seems to spread across hedge banks […]


Bank Holiday Bullshot

6th May 2013

Ever felt your cocktail could do with a little more beef? Well thankfully there is an answer. This Bank Holiday you could be drinking a Bullshot – a meaty cocktail that all proper carnivores have […]

Charcuterie and Curing

Smoked Salmon Recipe

15th April 2013

      Having made gravlax on number of occasions it was only a matter of time before I went the extra mile and actually got round to making smoked salmon. Smoking salmon is relatively […]


Smoked streaky bacon

11th April 2013

  Making bacon is essentially the same as pancetta but with a bit of smoke thrown in at the end. If you buy imported bacon this probably won’t end up being much cheaper but it […]


Horseradish Vodka

6th April 2013

  Over the years I have been constantly striving for Bloody Mary perfection. Whilst this epic quest has been beset with many pitfalls and tragic accidents it’s been a pretty enjoyable adventure. My latest idea […]


Trotter Gear Recipe

6th April 2013

Trotter gear forms the backbone of many of the dishes at St. John’s, the chain of innovative eateries founded by Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver. One wobbly gelatinous spoonful will add an intense richness to […]

Charcuterie and Curing

Japanese Biltong Recipe

19th March 2013

    I am normally a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to biltong. The majority of the stuff I make is usually just seasoned with coriander and pepper. Recently however I have been […]


Plum Rum Recipe

20th February 2013

    This stuff really is epic. Unfortunately I haven’t got a picture of the first batch of Plum Rum but you can see a few images of a recent one that I made with […]