Rhubarb Vodka Recipe

26th March 2018

Five years (original article published February 2013) on I’ve updated this article to go with the video I’ve just filmed for YouTube. If you like the video please subscribe! What is the difference between forced rhubarb […]


Chestnut Milk

28th December 2013

  This recipe is mainly targeted at vegans and those unfortunate souls that are lactose intolerant. I should warn you that whilst I do enjoy Chestnut milk it’s lack of animal fat makes it a […]


Chestnut Brandy

28th December 2013

  Chestnut Brandy is a fantastic present to give someone at Christmas time. You can get away with using a cheaper brandy here so don’t start reaching for that special bottle of Armagnac.     […]


Elderflower Liqueur Recipe

1st July 2013

I like drinking. I like elderflower. And I absolutely love Elderflower liqueur. Unfortunately this drink can be a bit of a hit or miss, however if you follow these recipe tips you should avoid the […]


Tom Collins

26th June 2013

This isn’t an original idea; it doesn’t involve any niche techniques or unusual ingredients. It’s just a simple summer cocktail that’s too often over looked. This summer get your gin dose in the form of […]


Bank Holiday Bullshot

6th May 2013

Ever felt your cocktail could do with a little more beef? Well thankfully there is an answer. This Bank Holiday you could be drinking a Bullshot – a meaty cocktail that all proper carnivores have […]


Horseradish Vodka

6th April 2013

  Over the years I have been constantly striving for Bloody Mary perfection. Whilst this epic quest has been beset with many pitfalls and tragic accidents it’s been a pretty enjoyable adventure. My latest idea […]


Plum Rum Recipe

20th February 2013

    This stuff really is epic. Unfortunately I haven’t got a picture of the first batch of Plum Rum but you can see a few images of a recent one that I made with […]

No Picture

Elderflower Cordial

4th February 2013

If it wasn’t so expensive I would happily drink the stuff every day. As it is I normally ration it until a hungover morning when I can’t really face much else. Sparkling water, ice and […]