Hangikjöt Recipe – Icelandic Christmas Lamb

22nd December 2013

One of the main reasons for initially building my smoker was to try and attempt unusual dishes that one wouldn’t normally come across.   Hangikjot certainly falls into that category. It’s a traditional Christmas dish […]


Smoked Mackerel Pate

2nd December 2013

Often unfairly labelled a ‘retro classic’ by foodie twats, this dish will stand up on its own as a dinner party starter or just hide it in the fridge for an indulgent snack. I’ve tried […]


Smoked Mackerel Recipe

19th November 2013

Home smoked mackerel takes no time at all, tastes amazing and can be done without any shop bought equipment. If you need any tips on how to make a hot smoker please read this article […]


How to Make a Hot Smoker

30th October 2013

Building a hot smoker is much easier than making a cold smoker. In fact I would hazard a guess that you probably have all the equipment sitting at home right now. There are many different […]

Charcuterie and Curing

Smoked Salmon Recipe

15th April 2013

      Having made gravlax on number of occasions it was only a matter of time before I went the extra mile and actually got round to making smoked salmon. Smoking salmon is relatively […]


Smoked streaky bacon

11th April 2013

  Making bacon is essentially the same as pancetta but with a bit of smoke thrown in at the end. If you buy imported bacon this probably won’t end up being much cheaper but it […]


Making a Cold Smoker

8th February 2013

  Edit: the original article was written nearly six years ago. To coincide with my new youtube video I thought I should update it. First things first, what is cold smoking? Cold smoking is when […]



3rd February 2013

Instructions don’t really come much easier than this one. Hang chillies in cold smoke for 36 hours. Leave them to dry. Chipotles. Easy instructions can still be buggered up though. I put my oven to […]