Chestnut Brandy

 chestnut brandy
Chestnut Brandy is a fantastic present to give someone at Christmas time. You can get away with using a cheaper brandy here so don’t start reaching for that special bottle of Armagnac.



Chestnut Brandy Recipe

Roast your chestnuts for 30 minutes in the oven (don’t forget to score little X marks on them) and then peel.

Soak the chestnuts for about 10 hours. This will help prevent the brandy from becoming too cloudy.

Leave submerged in brandy for at least a month. You can add a clove or two and a very small amount of sugar at this stage.

Once it has infused strain off the brandy and bottle. It should be left in the bottle for another month if possible.


Whilst I normally serve it neat and at room temperature it can be warmed up with honey, cinnamon and nutmeg added to for a festive drink that packs a punch.

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