Instructions don’t really come much easier than this one. Hang chillies in cold smoke for 36 hours. Leave them to dry. Chipotles.


Easy instructions can still be buggered up though. I put my oven to 50 degrees and put most of the chillies in to dry. Unknown to me the thermostat thing had broken and my oven rocketed to 250 degrees, so I came back to find a burnt salad bowl and the majority of my chipotle chillies ruined.


The fortunate few that didn’t make it into the oven were used in a chilli and a BBQ sauce that I made for some pulled pork. Although they worked well I think I’ll stick to shop bought ones unless I find myself with a glut of chillies in the summer because it’s just not economical to buy the large amount that you need to warrant using the smoker.


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